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What sort of books are we looking for

Fiction only.

We Are Now Taking Submissions. Please note that by submitting your work to us, you agree to all terms and conditions.

Submission Call for Works for Translation to European Languages

The Leopold Bloom Press would be interested to receive submissions from authors seeking to have their work translated into European languages which fit the following criteria.

  • Finished Fictional Novel or Finished Short Story Collection
  • Literary or Historical Literary Fiction
  • Theme set in or relating to contemporary Europe or historical Europe.
  • Up to 40k words
  • Must be fully finished, and ready for translation in MSWord or similar format. 
  • Must be in English
  • Can be self-published, and may already be available in Ireland previously.
  • Written by authors who are nationals of or currently residents in, or recognised as part of the literary heritage of Europe.
  • In light of the crisis, this call is open to Ukrainian writers domicile in Ireland

Your submission should be emailed to

Please include a brief synopsis of no more than 200 words, author bio, including your personal data (full name, address, email, social media and telephone number) to the email address.

The authors of the manuscripts that will be considered suitable for any publication will receive a proposal, which may or may not involve a co-production. A work is to be considered unselected where no communication is received in 90 days after submission.

Our books are available in either printed and e-book format. Author’s data will be processed in compliance with the principles of protection of personal data established by the GDPR Regulation 2016/679. By submitting, the Author declares to have read and to approve all terms and conditions.

Promotion at festivals and international fairs

We aim to participate and promote our titles at important international book fairs, and literary festivals.

Book fairs

We aim to participate in international festivals and the world’s leading book fairs to ensure your work receives optimal circulation..
– London Book Fair
– Frankfurter Buchmesse
– Salone Internazionale del libro di Torino


Titles selected may be translated and circulated in printed, or e-book format.

Never give up on your writing. Remember that James Joyce’s Ulysses was rejected. It was cast off as obscene by several publishers, and by the esteemed literati of the day. It was eventually published in Paris by Sylvia Beach, someone who had never before published one single book in her life.

We Love Imagination

In a scene which appears in the Lestrygonians episode of Ulysses, Leopold Bloom tries on spectacles at Yeates and Sons, 2 Grafton Street, our address. Bloom is challenged to trust his imagination.

At The Leopold Bloom Press, we are interested in works that activate the imagination.

We are now taking submissions.