Gut Happiness

By Frances Flannery

Publication Date: Jan 2023

James Joyce said ‘The object of the artist is the creation of the beautiful. What the beautiful is, is another question.’ Gut Happiness proposes that the gut as the bearer of wellbeing and happiness is more adept than the heart at feeling, therefore should be looked upon with the same poetic deference.

Part memoir, part wellbeing guide; Gut Happiness is a story about seeing beyond the ignominious image of the bowel, and recognising it instead for its gargantuan potential not just to heal, but to initiate consciousness.

Gut Happiness sets out to honour the large intestine, to elevate it to its portentous moment not just in wellbeing history, but within an artistic milieu so that it might be appreciated at last for its multi-faceted ingenuity.

The narrative challenges the reader to see beyond the odious and accept the beauty inside the most unexpected parts of their own self.